About Barranco, Lima

The 3B Barranco Bed and Breakfast is located in Lima's artsy district of Barranco. Barranco borders Miraflores and the Pacific Ocean. In fact, the 3B is just a few blocks away from the boardwalk overlooking the ocean, making it the prime spot to view Lima's breathtaking sunsets. There are plenty of things to do in Barranco; it is full of renowned art galleries, boutiques and trendy coffee shops, that were once republican mansions of Lima’s elite. The 3B is close to all of the main tourist and local destinations, so you'll be sure to have a full itinerary of things to do in Barranco. Take a look at a few of our tips below, and don't forget to open up our guide to the right for a more comprehensive guide to Barranco's best restaurants, art galleries and general things to do. 

Visit the Main Square

Take a walk through Barranco's whimsical main square. It is surrounded by colorful flowers, fountains, statues and charming colonial buildings (including a library). You can often see various theatre performances, live music, art displays and artisan fairs here over the weekend. This is where most of the action takes place in Barranco.

Walk across the Bridge of Sighs and the "Bajada de los Baños"

The bridge was built in 1876, in order to join the ends of the gorge. Although there is no water under the bridge, it still remains a favorite place for couples visiting the area and inspiration for artists, composers and writers. The Bajada de los Baños is a walkway that connects Barranco to the Pacific ocean. It was originally used by fishermen who where coming down from Surco, to the beaches of Barranco. 

Visit The Town Square Church and "La Ermita"

Barranco's main Catholic church is located in the town square. The church functions regularly on Sundays, and has a few masses during the week. It is also a popular church for wedding ceremonies. Steps away from the Bridge of Sighs you will find La Erminta. This bright yellow church was originally a chapel used by fishermen and travellers. It was re-built in 1882 by Manuel de la Fuente Chavez, after it was burned down by the Chilean army during the war. The church is currently out of use, but it is rumoured to be undergoing renovations. 

Visit an Art Gallery and Watch the Sunset

If you would like to visit an Art Gallery or Museum while in Peru, then Barranco is the place to go. Take a look at how some of Peru's well-known artists interpret traditional Peruvian culture. You'll be surprised to see how creative and talented Peruvians really are. Lima is the only capital city in the World that lies along the Pacific coast. Take advantage of Barranco's beautiful boardwalk to watch the colorful sunsets Lima offers. Pack a small backpack of snacks and a blanket and you're all ready for a sunset picnic. 

Restaurants in Barranco

• AMOR AMAR (Peruvian Fusion)
• LA LINTERNA (Italian)
• BISETTI (Coffee Shop)
• CALA (Peruvian Fusion)
• CANTA RANA (Fish and seafood)
• CHARLOTTE (Gourmet Cafeteria)
• CHIFA UNION (Chinease Peruvian)
• COSTA VERDE (Fish and seafood)
• DAMA JUANA (Creole Buffet and Dinner Show)
• LA 73 (Peruvian Fusion Gourmet)

• LA BODEGA VERDE (Coffee Shop)
• LA CUADRA DE SALVADOR (Meat and Grill)
• LA  CABRERA (Meat and Grill)
• PURO PERU (Creole Buffet)
• RINCON GAUCHO (Meat and Grill)
• RUSTICA (Creole and International Buffet)
• SOFA CAFE  (Gourmet Cafeteria)
• STARBUCKS (Coffee Shop)
• TIO MARIO (Creole – Anticuchos)

Bars in Barranco


• BAR 55

Art in Barranco

• 80 m2 - Art Gallery
• ARTESANOS DON BOSCO - Traditional Local Art
• CENTRO COLICH – Art & Crafts
• DEDALO – Art & Crafts
• EDICIONES WU - Art Gallery & Workshop
• LAS PALLAS – Traditional Local Art

• LUCIA DE LA PUENTE - Art Gallery
• MATE – Mario Testino Cultural Asociation
• MUSEUM PEDRO DE OSMA – Colonial Art Museum
• PORTICO – Baby Alpaca and Crafts
• SALA 58 - Art Gallery